1st day!!

So Monday, September 26,2011 was my 1st day at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. I’m the typa person that gets too excited about the littlest things in life… I’m not the hardest person to please; little things make me the happiest. Haha!! Anyways, I slept around 230ish on Sunday… ONLY BECAUSE I COULDN’T SLEEP (WAY TOO EXCITED)… had to wake up by 4am because I had to get ready and depart from my house by 5am, 5:10 the latest. Even though I only had about an hour and a half of sleep, I made sure I had the best 1st day.., the type that won’t make u regret choosing that school or that course in particular. Anyways, I arrived at the school parking lot around 5:40-5:45? With my full on uniform (SUPAH FRESH.. lol) Luckily, did not have a hard time finding my classroom…. All I did was follow where all the noob looking people are heading. Lol!

My 1st thought when I walked in that classroom was, THE CHEF INSTRUCTOR… he looked very nice & turns out… he is VERY NICE. lol. 2nd thought was I’m gunn go make friends.. lol! I mean, I’m gunn be spending some time every day from mon-fri 6am to noon with these people so its kind of a must.. right? Haha!

I’m not even gunn lie, 1st day was amazing. SADLY, MY EYES DIDN’T STICK into anyone in particular aka NO CUTIES -_- (KAWAWA) haha. I already know most of them are gunn be chill though… sucks that there always has to be one SMART ASS in the class -_____- sadly, I spot that person right when the day ended… I mean its not necessary for u to have comment on every single discussion and every statement the instructor say. I understand ur trynna learn and all but let him teach us too, yeah? Lol! He went thru the syllabus & a few others… with that said 1stDAY WAS GREAT & DEFINITELY NO REGRET ON CHOOSING this place <3 Im fersure gunn wake up every morning looking forward to school :D READY FOR THESE YUMMY FOODS <3 haha

1st week done :D 

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